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Pandocli: Command Line Wallet

The Pando ledger software provides a command line wallet tool Pandocli for users to interact with the Pando ledger. Below is an example of sending tokens between two addresses.

Send and Receive Tokens

After building the Pando ledger, two binaries pando and pandocli are generated. pando can be regarded as the launcher of the Pando Ledger node, and pandocli is a wallet with command line tools to interact with the ledger. We can use the pandocli command line tool to send Pando tokens from one address to another by executing the following command. Open a terminal, and execute the following command. When the prompt asks for a password, simply enter chandanlunthi21.

Send Tokens
pandocli tx send --chain="privatenet" --from=0x2E833968E5bB786Ae419c4d13189fB081Cc43bab --to={your account address} --pando=0 --ptx=20 --seq=2 --password=qwertyuiop

The balance of an address can be retrieved with the following query command, after the transaction has been included in the blockchain (may take a couple of seconds).

To check balance
pandocli query account --address=9F1233798E905E173560071255140b4A8aBd3Ec6

Now let us send 20 more Pando tokens. Note that we need to increment the seq parameter to 2. The seq parameter is a transaction counter for each account, similar to the nonce parameter for Ethereum transactions. Each time we send tokens from an account, we need to increment the seq by 1.

Send Tokens
pandocli tx send --chain="privatenet" --from=98fd878cd2267577ea6ac47bcb5ff4dd97d2f9e5 --to=9F1233798E905E173560071255140b4A8aBd3Ec6 --pando=0 –ptx=20 --seq=2

We can query the recipient address again to verify the account balance changes.

pandocli query account --address=9F1233798E905E173560071255140b4A8aBd3Ec6

Account/Wallet Management

The Pando command line tool can be used as a wallet, which can manage multiple accounts with the keys encrypted. Below are the relevant commands:

  1. Pandocli key new Create a new account with a password. The newly created key is encrypted and stored under ~/.pandocli/keys/encrypted/ by default

go/bin/pandocli key new

2. Pandocli key list List all the accounts managed by the wallet.

~/go/bin$ ./pandocli key list

3. Pandocli key password

Reset the password for the account. You will need the current password for the reset.

~/go/bin$ ./pandocli  key password 0x268D0591e3DE6425Be249EA28022e833aA37D035

4. Pandocli key delete

Delete the account. You will need the password for the account for the deletion.

~/go/bin$ ./pandocli  key delete 0x268D0591e3DE6425Be249EA28022e833aA37D035

CLI Command Documentation

Please refer to the following links for the detailed usage of the command line tool.

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