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This section will give you an overview of Rametron Pro, stake to a Rametron Pro Node for the Pando Network.


This layer is mainly used to store and further serve data requests from users using heavy Ubuntu based package servers of community members. Initially, these server layers are maintained by Pando Lab itself.

Peer-to-peer filesystems will always run into the problem of file availability. Storage is expensive, and without clear incentives, users will not host files on their systems, let alone maintain a healthy internet connection for other users to access.

High-quality video is usually about large files that need to be stored somewhere. The same video can and most likely will have several versions, as it will be re-encoded for different file formats, bit rates and frame sizes. In the process of editing, even more duplicate files are created. All this requires a lot of space for storing such media files. Centralization of storage is associated with high cost. In addition, it has scalability issues and is susceptible to security threats.

The solution Pando offers does not only provides significant cost saving, but also has a high level of security. Any service responsible for storing media content must not only guarantee protection against malware but also against bit rot.

The minimum token amount to stake is 10,000 PTX. The minimum hardware requirements are:

Hardware Requirement & specification



4-cores CPU



8 GB



Ubuntu 20.04


Storage Space



Availability to claim reward




On Chain




Rametron Pro Staking Process

Staking Through Web Wallet

Staking through Web Wallet, the “Pando Wallet” logo unlocks your Pando wallet using your typical access method. You can easily access the Pando Web Wallet from your desktop/laptop.

Under the Pando Wallet logo you can now see "Unlock Your Wallet".

Use your typical access method((keystore, seed phrase, private key, etc.) and then add "Choose Keystore file" and enter your wallet password.

Once your wallet is unlocked, click the “Stakes” tab of the menu and click “Deposit Stake”, then click "Rametron Node"

You could now see different Rametron nodes. Click on "Rametron Pro" and then click on Continue. It will lead you to the "Deposit Stake".

In the Deposit Stake, click on Choose Public Node, choose one of the public node from the list to stake, choose one of the public node from the list to stake and drop down will appear in the Rametron Node Holder(Summary).You could even refer the following link Public Node Pool for Rametron Staking.

In the Amount section, enter the amount of PTX you want to stake to this node and click “Deposit Stake".

Note that you need to stake at least 10,000 PTX.

After reviewing your stake deposit info on the next screen, enter your wallet password, then click on "Deposit Stake". After the stake deposit transaction is confirmed, you can view your Rametron deposit detail in dashboard screen, which is in the "Stake" Tab.

Rametron Pro Stake Withdrawal Process

To withdraw your staked tokens from the Rametron Node using either the Pando Web Wallet, click the "Stakes" tab, then the "Withdraw Stake" button.

On the next screen, select the "Rametron". Now, you need to click on "Continue" button. After clicking on continue this will ask to enter "Rametron Node Address" after entering this click on "Withdraw Stake button" .

Withdrawn stakes will be returned to your wallet address. In the "Stakes" section of your Pando wallet, you'll now see the stake's Withdrawn status has been changed to "Yes".

Once user does the withdrawal, the token is not immediately available in the wallet , it will take approximately 6 months. From the time that user asked for withdrawal it will take 2.4 millions block height for the stake to be available in user wallet.

Install & Configure RTPro

Purchase License for RTPro

Anyone can purchase licence for RTPro from RMS (Rametron Management System) after self registering below are the step to get RTPro licence.

Click on RTPro/RT Enterprise tab --> Get Licence

It will ask you to select the type of Rametron that you will like to get the licence for.

After this, the next screen will open as shown below. Here you need to update the billing detail and enter your credit/Debit card detail.

Entry for respective booking will be shown on dashboard after confirmation from Management. Mail will be sent to user after receiving the payment. The user can view their payment confirmation status on Transaction tab

Connect your Wallet

On the Dashboard, after payment confirmation, a line will be shown with blank wallet ID field and Connect Now option. After clicking on connect button, option will be as below:

For now Three month rent for RTPro is included in licence purchase fees.

After three month, pay rent will be enabled again also user will get mail notification to pay rent.

Link of guide to pay rent is as below

Click here RTPro Rent pay guide for RT PRO

Note- After rent payment within 24 Hour your RTPro will get activated.

How to view earning ?

On RMS Dashboard user can view their wallet Address and option of view detail, after clicking on which they will able to view their earning detail on pop up.

Contact us if facing issue:

Email id- mailto:support@pandolab.io

Feel free to raise your query, our developer community member will love to answer and understand those !

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