Zytatron Node

Metatron Node Overview provides the instructions to launch and stake to a Metatron Node for the Pando Network.


Zytatron Nodes serve as block initializers and hold the full ledger of the Pando Network. They also provide the first layer of security. Zytatron Nodes are responsible for verifying and preserving a record of transactions when they participate in the consensus. These Validator Nodes construct blocks, validate all transactions and are responsible for inspecting and confirming blocks that they don’t create. Zytatron Nodes are region-specific network listeners responsible for validating content views and engagement in addition to ensuring the integrity and quality of service rendered by the Rametron Nodes.To become a Zytatron Node Holder, users need to activate by staking a minimum amount of 10,000,000 PTX (Pando Token). Every Zytatron Node stake is subject to a locking period of one year. It is important that the initial stake is not withdrawn within the locking period because doing so will deactivate the node.

Zytatron Staking Process

Staking Through Web Wallet

Staking through Web Wallet the “Pando Wallet” logo, unlock your Pando wallet using your typical access method.

Access the Pando Web Wallet from your desktop/laptop. Under the “Pando Wallet” logo, unlock your Pando wallet using your typical access method (keystore, seed phrase, private key, etc.).

Once your wallet is unlocked, click the “Stakes” tab of the menu and click “Deposit Stake”, then click "Zytatron Node"

In the Metatron Node Holder (Summary) field, enter the text string from your Metatron Cli Service. Enter the Amount of PTX you want to stake to this node and click “Deposit Stake". Note that you need to stake at least 10,000,000 PTX.

After reviewing your stake deposit info on the next screen, enter your wallet password, then click on "Deposit Stake". After the stake deposit transaction is confirmed, you can view your Zytatron deposit detail in dashbaord screen in "Stake" Tab.

Zytatron Stake Withdrawal Process

To withdraw your staked tokens from the Zytatron Node using either the Pando Web Wallet, click the "Stakes" tab, then the "Withdraw Stake" button. On the next screen, select the "Zytatron", need to click on "Continue" button. After clicking on continue this will ask to enter "Zytatron Address" after entering this after clicking on "Withdraw Stake button"

Withdrawn stakes will be returned to your wallet address. In the "Stakes" section of your Pando wallet, you'll now see the stake's Withdrawn status has been changed to "Yes".

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