Connect to Metamask

Pando blockchain is fully interoperable with Metamask. To connect Metamask to the Pando Mainnet & Testnet follow below guide for more detail.

Adding via Chainlist

To the Mainnet

  1. Head to the Chainlist site at

  2. Firstly, you'll need to connect your wallet to the site. Select 'Connect wallet' in the top right to do so.

3. When successful, your wallet address will replace the 'Connect wallet' button. Now use the search bar to find the Pando network you want to connect as in below screenshot you will able to view our Mainnet & Testnet link after for Mainnet just need to click on 'Add Chain'

4. MetaMask itself will now spring into action, and will present you with an approval menu. Click 'Approve' to proceed. This will be followed by a menu asking you whether you want to switch to the new network immediately. Confirm or reject this depending on your needs; either way, the new network will be added.

To the Testnet

To connect to the Testnet instead of selecting Pandonet select Pando Testnet. rest process will be same.

To add as custom Network

To the Pando Mainnet

follow this guide to add a custom Network with the parameters shown in the screenshot after clicking on Add Network on Metamask

Network Name: Pandonet New RPC URL: Chain ID: 3601 Currency Symbol: PANDOP Block Explorer URL (optional):

To the Pando Testnet

If you want to connect Metamask to the Pando Testnet instead, use the following parameters:

Network Name: Pando Testnet New RPC URL: Chain ID: 3602 Currency Symbol: PTX Block Explorer URL (optional):

To the Pando Local Privatenet

First we need to run a Pando local privatenet with the Pando/Ethereum RPC Adaptor. The ETH RPC adaptor running at http://localhost:18888/rpc interacts with the Web3.js library by translating the Pando RPC interface into the ETH RPC interface.

Next, use the following parameters to connect Metamask to the Pando Local Privatenet:

Network Name: Pando Privatenet New RPC URL: Chain ID: 3601 Currency Symbol: PTX

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