Launch a Local Private Net

Steps to connect to the Private net is as below

Open a terminal to launch the pandonet (Local Private Net). For the first time, follow the setup steps below.

Change working directory
cp -r ./integration/privatenet ../privatenet
Make Directory
mkdir ~/.pandocli
Access permission
chmod 700 ~/.pandocli
Export path and make install
exportPATH=$PATH:/usr/local/go/bin&& makeinstall

And then, use the following command to launch a pandonet . For this you can use tmux or any other tools to run your node service in the background.

Launch Privatenet
/usr/local/go/bin/pando start --config=../privatenet/node

When the prompt asks for a password, enter your required password here.

Note – { Your binary directory path } denotes path where pando and pandocli binary exist or created while running after make install command.

And then after run the following command to launch rpc of the node in another session.

to launch RPC
/{ Your binary directory path }/pandocli daemon start --port=16889

And to get the details of node for further process, run the below command -

Change directory to binary
cd { Your binary directory path }
./pandocli query metatron

This command will give you following information about the metatron node life node summary which is needed for staking process to make node active


{ "Address": "0x8f3B...E819",

"BlsPubkey": "a1225b...16ebe",

"BlsPop": "b49fd2a...d025c",

"Signature": "14deb5e...52500",

"Summary": "0x8f3Bc...952500"


Use Summary key data for the metatron staking from the web wallet.

Note: Please keep the records safely as you need this info to reinstall the node and for withdrawal.

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