RTE Staking for Server Holder

For on chain PON (as of now). POE will be live soon (Software build to be released)

Access your Server

On server, node is supposed to be configured further if not you can refer our Blockchain Integration guide for the same.

Check Config.yaml

The configuration for the pando node is defined by file config.yaml under path path/to/config/folder.

firstly need to check in your config.yaml file if the rpc enabled is true if not you have to make this true and restart the system.

  statePruningEnabled: true # true by default, when set to true the node will perform state pruning which can effectively reduce the disk space consumption
  statePruningInterval: 16 # the purning interval (in terms of blocks) which control the frequency the pruning procedure is activated
  statePruningRetainedBlocks: 2048 # the number of blocks prior to the latest finalized block whose corresponding state tree need to be retained
  address: # the binding address of the RPC service, by default
  port: 12000 # the p2p port that the Theta node listens on, 50001 by default
  seeds:,, # the IP addresses of the seed nodes
  enabled: true # false by default, when set to true the RPC API is enabled
  port: 16888 # the PRC API port, 16888 by default
  maxConnections: 100 # max number of simultaneous RPC connections, 200 by default
  levels: "*:info" # level of logs to be printed, "*:debug" by default

Get the Rametron Summary

Now run following command to get the Rametron Summary

pandocli query rametronenterprise 

Response will look like this, we need to copy the Summary to use further in next command.

Stake Deposit (Through Web Wallet)

We recommend to use this method for Staking !!

Staking through Web Wallet the “Pando Wallet” logo, unlock your Pando wallet using your typical access method.

Access the Pando Web Wallet from your desktop/laptop. Under the “Pando Wallet” logo, unlock your Pando wallet using your typical access method (keystore, seed phrase, private key, etc.).

Once your wallet is unlocked, click the “Stakes” tab of the menu and click “Deposit Stake”, then click "Rametron Node"

In the Rametron Node Holder (Summary) field ,enter the Rametron Summary to get this please refer following link Public Node Pool for Rametron Staking. In amount field Enter the Amount of PTX you want to stake to this node and click “Deposit Stake". Note that you need to stake at least 35,000 PTX.

After reviewing your stake deposit info on the next screen, enter your wallet password, then click on "Deposit Stake". After the stake deposit transaction is confirmed, you can view your Rametron deposit detail in dashbaord screen in "Stake" Tab.

Stake Deposit (Through CLI)

Need to paste the Rametron summary in the holder address to become valid Rametron Pro you need to stake 35,000 PTX.

pandocli tx deposit --chain="pandonet" --source=2E833968E5bB786Ae419c4d13189fB081Cc43bab --
#Wallet Address as above on which you want to stake
holder=0x2E833968E5bB786Ae419c4d13189fB081Cc43babb3e80f28b649d2504d8ce8bd1a8d42a60994a0f9e96964e3ed2a848317484c42b27824e1d0b1288108b3ddb320d45d598348872899937e5da5bbc23e88c5e3f7b8b56af31cd3e88890f0a12090a25a753ab911c4aba1f2c0cce70cfd0c4ffc8d0e1f0d5c5a89e0fbf7638d4eb15a316e6be0a22e4e111ca9ed0a94e060c7f906d06ca2a0525654e5948efeeb9f5190381b9b548722af653b5dfb52cf46f594fba99d65db4a2a706c195ee1953f2b61b16c8211e0efe2340bef8ed30ba521aa8541f0d580817f1eb66969ce93f17debe901 --stake=35000 --purpose=2 --seq=1
#Rametron Summary as above

you will get confirmation message as below

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