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Pandojo serves as a video streaming platform that uses blockchain to decentralize the accessibility and ownership of online video sharing and streaming while also introducing a tokenized monetization system. It is a streaming platform that caters not only to the needs of the gaming community but also enables streaming for all occasions. It enables users to stream any events e.g. a wedding, a university graduation ceremony, a local soccer game, or virtually any moment that has a live audience. It utilizes blockchain and cryptography for storing metadata and vital information such as number of views, likes and comments etc., ensuring no manipulation. Pandojo is designed to better provide sustainable revenue for all content creators and viewers, not just mainstream content producers. Pandojo has adopted a decentralized blockchain-based architecture, deployed on the Pando Blockchain Network, whereby it has two foundational parts. The front end of Pandojo is a user-friendly application similar to traditional video streaming websites, ensuring easy adoption and comprehension for non-tech savvy users. The front end is integrated with Pandojo’s customized implementation of the Pando Blockchain Network layer which is responsible for recording all metadata such as views recorded on a video, likes, comments, ownership access, and transactional data. For transaction processing, Pandojo uses smart contracts which are responsible for executing transactions such as micro-payments, tips, sponsoring agreements, subscription and access control, and donations. Pandojo architecture also ensures immutability and transparency.

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Standout Features

  • Multi-Angle Cameras

  • Built-in OBS

  • Go Live Anytime

  • Keep your Profits

  • No Contracts

  • Seamless Streaming

  • Create Multiple Channels

  • Team-Streaming

  • 12 Revenue Models

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