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Show Us

ShowUs is a short clip-sharing talent platform that acts similar to Snapchat or Tiktok but in a decentralized way. While it allows creation and sharing of small video clips with editing and dubbing functionality, it also stands out from the rest by acting as a talent acquisition platform whereby anyone with a talent can create a short clip, publish it and get offers directly from recruiters, which in other words, can be termed as a combination of Tiktok and LinkedIn. It will serve as an outlet for the playful way the community connects — professionally as well as socially. Job seekers can make videos on the app almost immediately, while recruiters and decision makers from various industries will have their dedicated accounts and can connect with the respective artists or jobseekers directly via the DApp. With ShowUs, the vision of the Pandolab team is simply to ensure that talent is fairly compensated. In this pursuit, ShowUs adopts the concept of tokenized rewards, whereby anyone viewing can reward a content creator by donating micropayments in the form of tokens from their wallet similar to Patreon. ShowUs will also support subscription-based payments to a viewer’s favorite creators.

Pando Go

Pandogo is Pandolab’s decentralized video streaming service that relies on a curated content model to source high quality scripted entertainment similar to the likes of Amazon, and Netflix. Pandogo relies on an operational budget to purchase or license content from other content producers and studios or create and produce its own quality content. This budget is funded from revenues earned by advertising and subscription fees or alternatively, through appreciation of the PTX (Pando Token) token’s value. Pandogo will host region specific content to drive adoption in various markets.

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