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TutorX is an educational platform that provides access to decentralized educational content provided by the community. Despite a variety of existing websites that offer online education and courses, one main issue is that students of junior and middle classes, particularly those who live in developing countries, still do not have access to quality curriculum available in other countries. They lack access to online classes, courses, and learning materials, or are unable to find content that is localized to their language and geography. TutorX allows content creators in the same region the ability to produce quality educational content for their audience, alternatively allowing translation and adaptation of existing content by local teachers. The platform enables educators to connect directly with learners through a video conference and chat-based user interface, allowing a virtual classroom setting with full instruction. TutorX also supports self-paced learning in the form of digital coursework. Payments for content consumption can occur on a per class, per course, or subscription-based basis. Custom payment arrangements can be made between student and educator, including 1-to-1 tutoring sessions. TutorX platform also resolves the issues of centralization and single point failure by deploying all user and publisher data on blockchain. Moreover, as it uses blockchain which is an immutable and transparent data structure, TutorX ensures accreditation of certificates is transparent and authentic, leaving no room for manipulation or fake certificates.

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  • Scheduling

  • Global Languages

  • Certified Courses

  • Virtual Whiteboard

  • Online Tutorials

  • Quizzes and Exam Feature

  • Note writing Add-ins

  • Multi-Angle Camera

  • Seamless Streaming

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